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Grof Studies Graduate Programs 

Ubiquity University in cooperation with Grof® Legacy Training International is proud to announce the launch of a new graduate (MA and PhD) program in Grof Studies.

This program will teach, honor, and explore the groundbreaking research of Stanislav Grof. Grof is considered by many to be the world’s foremost authority on psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and therapeutic breathwork. He is also one of the principal cofounders of transpersonal psychology and its chief theoretician. We hope you can join us for this very special academic-degree program, the first Grof Studies degree program to be offered anywhere in the world.

Join our Community of Personal Growth and Exploration

Our graduate programs in Grof Studies are designed to offer therapists, psychiatrists, psychedelic sitters, and interested seekers additional academic training in every facet of Grof’s extensive clinical discoveries.

We will recognize completion in the various Grof Legacy Training programs around the world as substantial academic credit toward your Master's or PhD. Thus, you could receive certification as a Grof® Breathwork Facilitator, Psychedelic Assistant, or Psychedelic Therapist through one of the Grof Legacy Trainings, as well as apply that training toward your Master's or PhD.  Certification in other breathwork and psychedelic training programs will also be recognized on a case-by-case basis.

Our graduate programs also provide an opportunity for original, personalized research for your thesis or dissertation under the guidance of teachers deeply experienced in the theory and practical applications of Grof’s extensive lifework. Special additional support will also be available to students who seek to publish their thesis or dissertation as a book, in the same or an expanded version, after completion of their degree.


 Obtain Your Masters or PhD in Grof Studies

In fostering your own personal growth and education, our graduate programs will help you to find your niche in working with clients and in teaching Grof’s important work in the social and academic worlds. We will guide you through every stage in the process.

Our Masters and Doctoral programs are open to a spectrum of disciplines and interests, focused around Grof’s extensive lifework and research. We will help you to develop safe and effective practices to explore your own psyche and to support the deep exploration and healing of your clients.

You will be required to take certain core courses in Grof Studies and will also have the freedom to design the rest of your program in consultation with your mentors and the Dean of Graduate Studies. Students can select courses from either inside or outside Ubiquity.

A combined Masters/PhD track is also available. Upon completion of Ubiquity’s Doctoral Program, you will be awarded the title “Doctor of Philosophy.” This is one of the highest honors society bestows and indicates respect and acknowledgement for an expertise that the larger community can count on for integrity and professional competence.

Some of Grof’s Major Contributions

Over a career spanning seven decades, Stanislav Grof has made many fundamental discoveries concerning the deepest structures and therapeutic processes in the human psyche, including an articulation of the perinatal and transpersonal layers of the unconscious. At the core of his lifework is the revaluation of what he calls holotropic or “moving toward wholeness” states of consciousness into human civilization. These states have played a central role in all non-Western and preindustrial societies, including in the practices of shamanism, the rites of passage, aboriginal healing rituals, and mystery schools of the Mediterranean.

Grof observed that as his patients worked through their past traumas, they automatically opened or widened the pathway in their psyches to transcendent spiritual experiences, which have a meta-healing value. The reintroduction of the responsible use of holotropic and psychedelic states, Grof believes, could play a significant role in supporting humanity to overcome the wave of destructive and self-destructive tendencies being acted out in the social and ecological worlds and help us to become a more peaceful and sustainable species.

Grof is also known for codeveloping with his late wife, Christina Grof, the technique of holotropic breathwork, which he now refers to as Grof® Breathwork. Stan and Christina also articulated the concept of “spiritual emergency,” spontaneous eruptions of unconscious contents into everyday life which, when supported, can lead to deep emotional healing and renewal.

Grof’s discoveries suggest that a radical revisioning of the materialistic paradigm in Western science is needed, one that returns soul and consciousness to the larger cosmos in which we are an inseparable part.

In 2020, Stan Grof and his wife Brigitte Grof launched the international Grof® Legacy Training.

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